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We are proud to introduce our Professional Canvas range for when only the absolute best is good enough. Our masterful blend of artistry and engineering has produced a product that will capture every nuance in your image. The Professional Canvas range is designed for fine art photographers and artists, and comes complete with our Boutique Finishing service.

Our 400gsm matte poly-cotton inkjet canvas is an OBA-Free (Optical Brightener Additives), poly-cotton blend matte canvas using an acid-free, neutral pH coating. The award winning canvas has eye-popping colour gamut and Dmax, coupled with critical archival certification. It sets a new standard of excellence in fine art and photographic printmaking.

Our Exhibit Stretcher Bar creates an exhibition standard canvas frame, measuring 44mm x 44mm and is currently our ‘top of the range’ profile. The pine stretcher bar is manufactured in Europe to very high standards from the best grade redwood pine which means that the bars are clean, dry and spore free as well as being strong and straight.

The bars have a lovely weight and feel in the hand as well as being super smooth which all contributes to a higher quality stretched frame print which can’t fail to be appreciated by your customers.

Protect, preserve and enhance, our archival certified liquid laminate provides an invisible true matte finish. Combined with anti fungal agents our liquid laminate offers increased resistance to scuffing and image fading. It will protect your expensive images against moisture and abrasion.

Key Features – Eight reasons why to choose a Professional Canvas.

Eye-popping colour gamut & dmax
Our Professional Canvas has an eye-popping colour gamut & dmax and boasts a 15% measurable improvement in Dmax and colour gamut compared to other canvasses. This is the finest matte canvas on the market.

Incredible resolution
The Professional Canvas delivers extremely high resolution capturing every detail and nuance in your images that you won’t have seen on another canvas.

Called ‘Chromata White’, this breakthrough technology has set our canvas apart, OBA-Free products normally have a yellowish surface that can cause staining of the print over time. The ‘Chromata White’ technology enables us to print photographs and fine art giclees without the metamerism issues or colour shift issues inherent on other canvases. Optical Brighteners compromise the attainment of true colour, they complicate profiling accuracy, and they inevitably deteriorate and yellow over time.

Archival certified & Fine Art Trade Guild approved
Our Professional Canvas passed the Blue Wool Test at the Wilhelm Research Institute with a score of 6 giving an archival certificate for 100+ years and is also Fine Art Trade Guild approved. You can download our Archival Certificate to differentiate your business and show your customers how much you care about quality and the long term permanence of their Wall Art.

Edge laminated and knot free Exhibit Stretcher Bars
These fine quality stretcher bars are made from ‘edge laminated’ raw material which strengthens the bar and reduces the risk of the bar warping over time. We also insist that these bars are knot free as knots are considered imperfections that can weaken timber so we think for the quality conscious buyer it’s best to avoid them.

European Redwood Pine
Alternative materials such as Fir Pine, typically imported from China, have the advantage of being cheaper but tend to feel lighter and we find them more prone to cracking or splitting.

Responsibly Sourced Timber
Our manufacturer recently gained FSC accreditation, all of the pine we use is sourced (and always has been) from well managed, renewable stock in a country that enforces strict management policies. There are cheaper bars on the market but our customers can sleep well knowing their stretcher bars don’t cost the earth.

Wooden Wedges
We use wooden wedges on our Professional Canvas range. With wooden wedges your customers know you haven’t scrimped and unlike plastic wedges they flux with the frame during humidity and temperature changes so it’s not common for wooden wedges to fall out, which can lead to a saggy canvas.


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