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Swept Frames

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Magnificent and opulent, these Swept frames have a lasting impact, bringing a sense of grandure and antiquity to any room. Printed on semi-matte paper or optional canvas these works of art instantly give a quality feel to both traditional and contemporary homes.

Traditionally made from plaster and authentic natural wood materials, these detailed frames are ideal for art that needs to stand out. The detailed carving announces beauty and gives your art both angelic allure and dramtic dominence, immedietly caputring the attention of an audience.

You can upgrade from a matte laminated photographic print to a matte laminated canvas print by adding the upgrade at the bottom of the page to the cart.

Choose from four impressive styles:

  • Ashmile
    The Ashmile is a 2” frame that is understated whilst retaining glamour. It is available in Elizabethan Gold, Georgian Silver, Isabelline White and Licorice Black.

  • Lillyford
    The Lillyford is a 3” frame, proud enough to stand out but lets the image do most of the talking. It is available in Elizabethan Gold, Isabelline White and Licorice Black.

  • Edwardson
    The Edwardson is a 3.75” frame that has a real impact on a room. It is available in Elizabethan Gold, Georgian Silver, Isabelline White and Licorice Black.
  • Harlington
    The Harlington is a 5.5” frame that won’t go unnoticed.. It turns your image into an impressive statement that nobody can ignore. It is available in Elizabethan Gold or Georgian Silver.



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Frame Style

Ashmile, Lilyford, Edwardson, Harlington


Black, White, Gold, Silver


8×10", 12×16", 16×20", 24×20", 20×30", 24×36", 30×40", 36×48"


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